Real Estate Loan Calculation

          Before accepting a loan offer, it is better to study more closely the conditions proposed by the bank. Some borrowing candidates stop at monthly payments and pay little attention to the interest rate applied and the total cost of credit. Younited Credit, the online credit platform, offers you valuable advice. […]

Real estate loan insurance

      Real estate loan insurance, credit insurance or borrower insurance mean the same intention: to protect the bank but also the property of the borrower of a possible unpaid in case of death, accident or loss job. Required because of the amount of capital lent, it increases the total cost of credit to […]

Loans and credits tips

When we have the certainty of being able to reintegrate it. It seems quite logical reasoning, but unfortunately no one is in a position to 100% secure their future and the ravages of the crisis have contributed to turning what was once a safe future into a precarious one. And certainly this premise, which we […]