Ice Hockey: An animated derby and an arbitration decision that tilts the match


In 1st league

Villars HC – CP Meyrin: 3 – 1 (1-0 / 1-0 / 1-1)

Penalties: 6 x 2 ‘against HCV and 7 x 2’ against Meyrin

Yverdon les Bains – Villars HC: 4 – 2 (1-1 / 0-0 / 3-1)

Penalties: 8 x 2 ‘against Yverdon les Bains and 10 x 2’ against HCV

In 2nd league

New derby we offered this 2nd 2nd league championship round between Monthey-Chablais HC and Chateau d’Oex. Part breathless and interesting until the final whistle. With an arbitration decision that tilts the game.

This second league match pitted the MCHC, spanked a week before by HC Valais-Chablais III, and Château-d’Oex easy winner of HC PDS. A party that held the audience alive who attended a good hockey game.

An arbitration decision that changes the face of the match.


For almost 40 minutes we witnessed a crossover between two well-disciplined formations that created opportunities for goals. At the end of the first period the guys from Pays d’Enhaut even enjoyed a numerical superiority of 3 minutes and 10 seconds without being able to shake the opponents nets. The party was okay two porters kept their clean sheet when only 50 seconds from the end of the 2nd third umpires inflicted a double minor penalty to Damounais. One for a foul in the game and the other coach for delaying the game. This is the time that montheysans took advantage to open the scoring and take the 2nd tea with an edge.

In the last third the visitors tried everything to come back but the residents of Verney held their bone and never let go until the end. The coach Dimitri Cossetto has tried to get out his goalkeeper to equalize but it is instead the young Dufour who sealed the score in the empty cage. To note the very big performance of the two goalkeepers who were the centerpieces of the two formations.

Floran Garnier MCHC coach: “After the non-match against Valais-Chablais III, we managed a full match against a very good team from Château-d’Oex. It was important to quickly erase the poor performance of the first match and to take the three points at home that is good for everyone. The key word was discipline and I think tonight it was applied to the letter. We did not let them develop their game and our goalkeeper came out with a big game. The meeting turns on a special situation where we see the importance of discipline on this kind of situation. In Sion we were livid and transparent and tonight the team showed heart desire, it was very disciplined and it paid off. All the team did its job well done to them for this great victory. We hope to be in the top five at the end of the classification round, the ideal would be 4 th to start the play-offs at home, but the championship will be very tight and very interesting. “

Dimitri Cossetto coach of HC Château-d’Oex: “We lose the game late in the 2nd third suite has a double rather severe penalty. One of our players takes 2 minutes and I want to communicate with one of the two referees to know the nature of the fault and he does not come to me but he inflicts a penalty to delay the game. There was 50 seconds to play and the MCHC took advantage of this double penalty to open the mark. We also had our chances even a 5 against 3 for more than three minutes and we failed to score. This is not an excuse but we have almost a complete block that is missing, almost all our best elements, and it may be in special situations that we miss them the most. He especially missed us from the edge to the finish but we must note the fact that the two goalkeepers were very efficient. We made two good thirds and on the end we lack a little lucidity to materialize. It is clear that with the current contingent it is difficult to keep three thirds at full speed, but the championship is still long.




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Unihockey: St-Maurice plays, but without winning

An ill-digested carnival.


Carnival Sunday, the day when the desire to play a round is at its lowest. Nine members of the second garrison of St-Maurice, however, courageously took the trip to Vevey to face what is more Valais, Savièse. This is the first game of the day, and the Scattered are not quite awake yet. The proof is with this goal on a free kick from the 2nd minute of play Venus also with 7 players, Savièse shows that they knew better digest their Carnival and puts. 2: 0. St-Maurice still manages to put a point on a kind of bounce-rotoillon. Poorly executed changes result in 3: 1. At the break, the instructions are clear, we wake up in defense! Which will be perfectly applied since the second part will end on a draw (0: 0). Nevertheless, the apathy of the players prevented them from going to find the nets of Savièse. The Agaunois have long hindered their opponent in their game, without taking advantage to build properly when they had the ball.

UHC Eagles Savièse – UHC St-Maurice Scattered 3-1

Goal: Jimmy De Angelis, assisted by David Saudan.

Guardian: Baptiste Zuber

Changes in the lines that did not have the desired effect.

To awaken the players to face the top ranking team, the lines have been changed. Objective: to have fun while defending properly! With more rage in the stomach, the mayonnaise takes, the Agaunois hold 8 minutes without goal. UGO hammers the 1, 2 and 3 to 0 in a few minutes. But St-Maurice does not lower his head. Florian Amiguet sign 1 spot agaunois that game with a great goal! Ruben Baiao, goalkeeper of this meeting, makes incredible saves, but the Valdo-Fribourgeois are effective: 4: 1 and 5: 1. The Evaporated continue to have an effective mind, Kevin Berra score twice before half-time. Score at tea time: 6-3. Back from the locker room, the opponent does not lead off, He took the red lantern of high ranking, and it does not succeed them for the moment.

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Ice hockey: The MCHC has the first derby of the season

The first derby of the season will not have raised the passions. Indeed only a few fans of both clubs had moved to Verney to attend a meeting borrowed correction and fair play. No ingredient, which makes a derby a game apart, was added to this game that was played especially in the first third.

HCV opens the fires before going off slowly 

after the release of the first puck the Montheysans tried to settle in the opposite camp. But quickly the line of parade, Maillard-Bochatay-Marro, made its sense of the attack and it is the new recruit Antoine Maillard (ex Sion HC) who allowed his colors to take the advantage at the accounting level. This success had the gift of reboosting the Montheysans who with great efficiency would reverse the situation and get to the first tea with a two-goal advantage.

Before having a slight reaction of pride.

Returning from the locker room, coach villardou Adrien Plavsic changed his batteries and replaced goalkeeper Cosendey with Bruegger. This tactical change in front of the net gave the visitor a little color again, who, just after the half-match, scored a second goal outnumbered by this “poison” of Marro who does not calculate his efforts to push his opponent to the fault and then start against to go slipping the puck in the right place.

Solidarity and discipline are the words that lead the MCHC to ultimate victory.


On the side of Monthey-Chablais HC we were not going to let either. After doing the hardest by scoring three goals in the first period, the men of Christophe Brown and Jimmy Westphale were going to demonstrate that the words discipline, solidarity and respect instructions are integral part of the vocabulary of a hockey player. Also able to rely on a last wall as Nicolas Moser the MCHC resisted well and was even a few millimeters to “kill” the meeting on a shot by Rapit who crashed on the amount of goals Bruegger. The MCHC held its bone well, and even though the amounts of Moser’s cage trembled and even twice, the victory fell at the end of a little suspense maintained episodically by villardous in lack of inspiration in the last gesture.

For the striker and double scorer MCHC Gwenaël Diem this victory confirms that of last week in Geneva: “The derbys are always special matches, tonight I think we had more desire to win and we were more Realistic especially on the first period by marking the opportunities that presented themselves to us. We had a difficult start to the game because I think we put too much pressure. The opener of Villars has had the effect of rebooster us and give us the energy to fight as a team and had paid for the length. Now it will confirm these victories by looking for points in the Vallée de Joux. “

Defender villardou Charles-Edouard Gut looks back on this derby with a lot of realism: “I think tonight we saw a team that had more the desire to win and a team that dominates but does not have that aggressiveness to fetch victory. Our power play did not work and the MCHC defended well I think that’s where this derby was played. We had ten minutes of empty passage, after the opening of the score we may have thought that it was going to be easy, but here in front they did not give up and they fought on all the pucks. At the end of the match we tried to react but in front the goalkeeper did his job perfectly. It will quickly get back to work because Saturday is a big game that awaits us against the leader Sierre.

MCHC – VILLARS HC 3-2 (3-1 / 0-1 / 0-0)

Goals: 3’04 Antoine Maillard (Perlmann-Ermacora) 0-1, 12’38 Mikaël Münger (Pottier-Vieux) 1-1, 17’15 Gwenaël Diem (Pottier, 4 to 5) 2-1, 19’40 Gwenaël Diem (Favre-Pottier, 5 to 4) 3-1, 34’22 Thierry Marro (Bochatay-Ermacora, 4 to 5) 3-2.

Penalties: 6 x 2 ‘against MCHC and 6 x 2’ against HCV

Rink of the Verney in Monthey 150 spectators.

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Ice Hockey: This is the recovery for Chablais teams



In 1st league

Villars HC – Geneva-Servette II: 3 – 6 (0-2 / 0-2 / 3-2)

Penalties: 4 x 2 ‘against HCV and 9 x 2’ against Geneva-Servette II

Franches-Montagnes – Villars HC: 8 – 4 (2-3 / 4-1 / 2-0)

Penalties: 10 x 2 ‘+ 1 x 10’ (Boehlen) against Franches-Montagnes and 4 x 2 ‘against HCV

In 2nd league

To start the season of 2 nd league this is a derby that was offered to spectators present at the Palladium Champéry.

This derby opposed the Portes du Soleil to HC Château-d’Oex a classic in this league. Both formations were presented with a reduced staff by the absent and the wounded. But it must be noted from the start the game was played in an excellent state of mind and an exemplary correction.

A meeting with two faces.

This very well refereed match had two distinct faces. A first that was seen in the 1 st and the 3 rd third. A balanced game or the Damouni had more possession of the puck but or both teams had their chances of goals. It must be said that the two doormen, during the 1st and 3rd thirds have really kept the house. They have been abused only twice for Damien Maxime Oguey and four times for Perrin.

Everything was played in the middle third or the “Porters” have experienced a very large empty passage cashing the bagatelle of five goals. A score that could have worsened without the many stops Maxime Perrin who was often delivered to himself during this period.

A part to forget as soon as possible for the residents of Palladium who must put the book on the trade to really find the good carburation. On the side of Château-d? Oex the evening was successful but all the meetings will not be so open and they will have to be constant throughout the game. Not like in Champéry or in the middle of the third third the coach had to ask for a time out to restore order in a team that fell asleep slowly.

Nicolas Rivoire HC PDS Coach: “It’s true he’s a new band, he’s young and he has to learn to play together. But we also miss some men of experience who are absent or injured. I think when everyone is there we can produce better hockey than tonight. We did well the first and third third, unfortunately we had a bad pass to the middle third. The proof that we were not so bad during the 3rd third and when the score was 1.9 in Château-d’Oex coach called a timeout to reframe its gars.Le positive point is that we can count on Maxime Perrin who has released a big game despite the final score. The goal of the season is to take pleasure in advancing these young players and garnering the most points. “

Dimitri Cossetto coach of HC Château-d’Oex: “It’s an ideal start to come to win here in Champéry. We wanted to make a good entry in subjects and it is successful. We also knew a little success and in front they certainly lacked experienced players. Do not rely too much on the score because it can quickly switch on one side or the other. But tonight we have worked well up to half the third 3rd or I had to call to order the guy who no longer felt quite concerned. I dreaded a little application of these new rules but everything went well and the arbitration was good it greatly facilitates the beautiful game.Ca plays better and better because there is less hanging, anti -game, unnecessary charges and the game is more fun and for referees it’s easier too. Our goal is pretty clear this season. For a few years we have stopped in the first round of play-offs, this season we want to at least reach the semi-finals. “

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Ice Hockey: During this last Chablaisian derby some players hang up their skates on the side of the MCHC

Tonight at 8:30 pm on the ice of the ice rink of Villars will be played the last act of the official season for the two Chablaisian clubs. A final derby as a farewell for four players Montheysans.

This last meeting of the official season will have only stake the victory to end a disappointing season on a positive note. For the MCHC will be the final game of this year in the first league while the side of Villars HC they will have to play a game of Swiss Cup against the HC Sion next week.

Small portraits and reactions of the four players who leave the icy surfaces for other destinies.

Vincent Schüpbach (37 years old) striker and defender

téléchargement 2 1

The final reverence for the faithful montheysan who knew everything under the colors of his club of always

Vincent started hockey on the Verney side in 1984 with his buddies Malick Benturqui, Goran Bezina and Yann Imesch. Often at dawn they moved to enjoy the morning ice prepared by his dad. Then after a formation of moskitos to Novices at HC Monthey he left for Lausanne where he joined the Juniors Elites then Star Lausanne in 1st league. He returned to the fold in 2006 to leave the club until tonight and his last official match under the colors of the MCHC.

After playing for more than 34 years in hockey what feeling resurfaced when hanging up skates: “The feelings are shared after this last match played at home. I have lived on this ice since the age of 3 years I spent all my youth with my friends. I had laughs and tears, but I have always had pleasure in scratching this ice cream. Everyone was there for this last match, my parents, my son and my friends came for these farewells. In the 80s I spent my days here and today in 2017 it may be my son who will continue the tradition, I am happy to be able to devote time and bring him what I was brought at the time. It was really important for me to leave this ice rink, which has been my second home for a very long time, on this victory against Geneva II, which brings some relief to the heart after this complicated season. I think to stay a little in the middle but which side I do not know yet. I want to get involved more in this club but now to see if I can bring more youth or side committee all discussions are open. Now we just have to finish on a derby that I hope will be cool and nice and then I will enjoy to spend time with my son. I’m putting my hockey stick in to take a golf club and have fun without having to plan any workouts or fun matches. “

Toni Bezina (28 years old) defender

téléchargement 1 1

The most Croatian montheysn leaves an ice rink that saw him grow up

The most Montheysan Croatian also started hockey under the colors of HC Monthey. Then he joined his brother in Geneva to join the Juniors Elites. He also made a stint in Switzerland U18 – U19 and U20. During his stay in Geneva he wore the first team’s jersey in LNA. Then he passed through Visp, Villars HC before finally putting his bag in Monthey in 2011. Since then he is loyal to the club chablaisien and tonight against rival Villars HC he will also hang his skates.

At 28 is not too early to hang up skates: “It’s almost 15 years since I started hockey here in Monthey and it’s also where I finish my career so it leaves special feelings. The loop is looped in the best way. After this difficult season, it was good for us to smile again before the last derby of the season. For me this year was quite painful because often it was necessary to make choices between the job and the sport. Now I am going to put my bag and devote myself to my little family which has just grown. In addition I live in Freiburg and as much travel as training as the matches become heavier. So for the moment family and battery charging and for hockey we will see later. “

Arnaud Métral (28 years old) striker

téléchargement 3

Arnaud Métral will certainly keep a few more years the cane in hand but in a category of game less demanding

The young Montheysan striker went through the HC Porte du Soleil and the Villars HC Juniors before settling in Monthey in 2011. After 7 seasons of sacrifices entirely dedicated to his passion he decided to close his bag and change direction after that. last Chablaisian derby which is played for the honor. Never stingy of efforts he can take a well deserved rest. But why leave this level of play: “It makes it a little sad to leave such a group with such an atmosphere, but in life you have to make choices and it’s time to change your goals. Luckily we finish the season well (interview after the victory against Geneva II and before the derby tonight) with a nice win at home to thank our skinny but loyal audience. What is a pity is that this season has been decimated by injuries and we have never played with the full team, tonight with a group almost complete we succeed a full match is more than enjoyable. I will not definitely put the cane and the skates, in the 1st league yes I stop, but you have to see where I can get involved because I do not want to leave the MCHC like this, I will discuss with the people of the committee see if he has room to lend a hand. “

Jimmy Westphale (33 years old) defender

joueur westphale jimmy1871

Montheysan adoption will give young people what has been received for a long time

The young thirty-year-old from Lausanne joined the MCHC during the 2014-2015 season. He followed his training on the side of Lausanne and Star Lausanne before taking off for the first time and going to exercise his talents on the side of Yverdon. Then for two seasons he paused his bag in Villars before taking the direction of Bulle for a short season. It is in 2014 that he takes the path of Verney to discover the MCHC where he was very quickly one of the pillars of the team. Today he puts an end to his playing career but he will stay in the middle of hockey as he explains it to us: “I am happy to finish this season which has been complicated. It is true that I arrived during the season to give a hand following the too many defections on injuries but I always had a lot of fun to evolve in this team. But what’s great is that for a few games the smiles are back on the face and that’s only positive. I was very well integrated in this group and I hope that in the future this group can grow and expand to go hang the play-offs. For my part, I stay in the middle because I train a team of young people within the MCHC and it is a real pleasure to give these young people what I have been receiving for many years. “

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Unihockey: Weekend to forget for Juniors A of the UHC St-Maurice Pécaporés

6th-day junior A: 04.02 in Sierre

St-Maurice – Penthaz: 5-6 (3-1)

In 1st match of the day, the Pécaporés had everything to do well. The instructions for the match are clear, the emphasis is on a fast collective game, and a reactive defense. Thus, we quickly take the advantage over the opponent, going up to lead three goals. Morale and motivation are high, the opponent doubts, but still manages to score before the end of the first period. The referee returns everyone to the locker room on the score of 3-1. During this break, the important thing is to remember that in this sport, two goals in advance do not guarantee anything and that we will have to keep a cool head and fight to the end.

Very soon after the match resumes, Penthaz is dangerous. They unfortunately manage to return to the score. But the Agaunois do not let themselves be impressed and take the lead thanks to the beautiful team play. However, nervousness is felt, and some errors in the ball control and defense (and some arbitration errors) open the door to the opponent, who takes the opportunity to score twice. Despite a timeout and a last minute of intense play, impossible to materialize. The match ends with an undeserved loss of 5-6.

St-Maurice – Yens-Morges: 2-22 (1-12)

It is with the low morale, as well as a cumulative fatigue of the last match that we start this meeting. It’s hard to motivate the troops after so close to victory. The match looks very difficult, the opponent is very fast in his game and difficult it will be: despite a rather encouraging start, where we manage somehow to prevent the yen to put his attacking game, the goals eventually accumulate, and the bleeding begins. It will continue until half-time, during which the coach had the difficult task of restoring the desire to fight his troops. Envy that will be seen during the beginning of the second half, but which again deteriorated over time. The final balance will be very dry, 2-22, but the important thing is not to think too much about it.

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Unihockey: half-hearted weekend for UHC Juniors St-Maurice Pécaporés

The junior C went to Sion to face the UHC Sierre-Challenge and the UHC Fully. The state of mind was simple, we went together, as a team, to have fun. This state of mind has been very well respected during the day.

UHC St-Maurice Scattered – UHC Sierre-Challenge – 3-1 (2-0)

Second day of the second round in group B.

In the last game we won a great victory against UHC Sierre-Challenge 7 to 1. However, we should not underestimate them. They would come back strong with the desire to win. Our young juniors C did not let themselves be intimidated and defended well. When they did not do it, our goalkeeper, Bastien, kept them out of the game. The game was tense, with few goals. On our side, our actions were poorly built. There was a big lack of communication throughout the match. Keeping the ball and not taking chances during the second period we won this match 3 to 1.

UHC St-Maurice Pecaporated – UHC Fully – 8-15 (4-8)

A match that starts badly, very badly. The start is difficult and the UHC Fully returns immediately in the game without waiting for the end of the first minute to score the first goal. During the first 7 minutes, the Agaunois let the Fulliérains install their game and walk on this land. The goals are linked and on 8 th goal of UHC Fully, our junior C awake. Once the match is underway, all that remains is to catch up, not so easy. Nevertheless we come midway at the end of the first period scoring 4 goals, only in counterattack, but also maintaining a solid defense. Despite a strong determination, some errors leave the opponents to play their game 2 against 1 and see 2 against 0, several times. The end of the match ends with a score of 15-8. It must be admitted that the last 2 minutes, the Agaunois have slightly dropped their arms. Nevertheless, they were more creative than the first match, they communicated much more and were pleased. As the coaches said in the locker room: “You lost with merit”, because it is only on the first 7 minutes that we really lose the match.

To conclude, the slogans were pleasure, determination and concentration. These goals have been fully met. However, there is still a lot of work to do, such as shooting, free-shooting, and many other themes. We can note a great evolution in this young team, which happens matches after matches to demonstrate their knowledge and their involvement in this sport.

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Unihockey: Three Agaunoises teams in the final of the 2018 Valais Cup

History for the club of St-Maurice.


The Pécaporés of the UHC St-Maurice are in the final of the Valaisan Cup

This is the term that best defines the day of April 29, 2018, the final of the Coupe de Valais unihockey. Three games on the program, with three regional teams competing! The Juniors and Men of St-Maurice are qualified (the latter at the end of an epic encounter) and on March 28, Women joined them, having won against Sierre 11 to 5. The women’s team Griffons Chablais comes from the merger of St-Maurice Pécaporettes and Eagle Eagles. This is the regional women’s movement.

Here is the program of April 29: 

11h Juniors B UHC St-Maurice Scoured – UHC Visper Lions

UHC Naters-Brig UHC Ladies – UHC Griffons du Chablais


17h Men UHC St-Maurice Scattered – UHC Visper Lions

This day will be animated by concerts of the Chtague, the Guggenmusik Agaunoise as well as other performances of artists of the region. The opportunity to show the strength of the unihockey in the Chablais. The St-Maurice club counts no less than 10% of the total number of Valais juniors, with a very active unihockey school!

The women’s movement is also very developed; more than thirty women, aged 16 to 46, play in both Griffon teams. One evolves in 2nd league Grand terrain (40x20m) and the other in 3rd league Petit-terrain (24x14m). Both teams finish in 5th place with the same number of points (14 pts).

Saint-Maurice finally has two men’s teams, with thirty assets. The first (4th league) will play its last day on April 8 in Morges, and will try to keep its 3rd place in the standings. The second garrison, the red lantern of his 4th league group, will come down in 5th league for the next season.

We specify that like the other sports events since the renovation of the OC, these Finals will be held in the room of the Tuilerie, St-Maurice, next to the municipal pool.

We strongly encourage you to take part in this exceptional day.

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Unihockey: The Finals of the Valais Cup take on UHC St-Maurice

Despite the efforts and the energy expended, the three teams from Agaunoise had to let the high-calais clubs savor the final victory.

Yet the club Pécaporés St-Maurice had made every effort to make the feast of Unihockey beautiful. He had commanded the sun, set up all the infrastructure to feed and water the spectators and the players and planned plenty of side events to cheer up this day of the cantonal finals of the Cup. In addition, there were three teams from the club in the final, what could we dream of better? Well just a win to put the icing on the cake ……. But this is only part of the speech of the captain Agaunois Mickael Coquoz.

Junior Final.

Superb atmosphere with a public madness Tuileries.

The Agaunois juniors knew that their task would be difficult against the Visper Lions who were the ultra favorites of this part. Yet the young Pécaporés threw themselves on the ground without asking too much questions. They just wanted to have fun and why not tickle a little high Valais a little too much of their fact. They were quickly put in the perfume by passing a little next to their first thirds. Subsequently they left their complexes in the locker room and gave a good response to a team that does not play in the same category of play. In the end it is a defeat for the Scattered, but their satisfaction was still present because they have all given for not having regrets.

Scraped – Lions Screws 9-22 (3-12 / 4-5 / 2-5)

Women’s Final

The Griffons du Chablais (in dark) have resisted well against a more homogeneous team.

This final Griffons kicked off the floor. After less than ten minutes of play the Chablaisiennes led largely 5-1. It was also the moment Naters coach chose to change goalkeeper and the game was balanced until the first break. The tea was going to galvanize the visitors and perhaps put the Bas-Valaisan to sleep.

If the residents of the Tuileries had started well, were the high-valaisannes who would take control of this part from the kickoff of the middle third. They raised the tempo and played more physical. At this time, the protectors of Lionel Baillif could only watch the train go by. They did have a burst of pride at the end of third and beginning of the 3rd but the damage was done and the players Naters could cure them and so goalaverage flying to a clear victory and accurate.

Just after the presentation of the trophy, the captain of Chablais Griffons Laetitia Lugon still enjoyed the silver medal: “Our main goal was to reach the final to play in front of our audience. We succeeded with the way and in front of Naters we had to give everything to have no regrets. We started the game well, unfortunately we have accumulated too many errors and clumsiness to compete with such a team. We are girls who play together for several years, while we are a mixture of the two clubs of St-Maurice and Aigle and we do not have the same automatisms. But we can be proud of our course and especially happy to have been able to evolve in front of an extraordinary audience. It was just great to be able to play this final. I hope we were able to create a craze for this sport throughout Chablais and the Riviera. “

Chablais Griffons – Naters 8-18 (5-3 / 2-7 / 1-8)

Goals: Roth 1-0, Coquoz 2-0, 2-1, Roth 3-1, Besse 4-1, Coquoz, 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, Roth 6-3, 6-4, 6 -5. 6-6, 6-7, 6-8, 6-9, 6-10, Cutch 7-10, Lugon 8-10, 8-11, 8-12, 8-13, 8-14, 8-15, 8-16, 8-17, 8-28.

Chablais Griffons: Tessa Converset; Valerie Blom, Séverine Abbet, Elodie Niedbalski, Stephanie Roth, Laetitia Lugon, Mélanie Rieler, Celine Berthoud, Virginie Leverger, Cassandra Bruchez, Sara Catraneo, Tania Coquoz, Stephanie Besse, Sybille Cuche, Gwendoline Veuthey. Coach: Lionel Baillif.

Men’s Final.

Beautiful attitude of the porter Mikko Comte the unfortunate Hero of this final 2018.

 This 4 th league team had to face a formation of 3 rd league accustomed to play on large fields. Super motivated, the Pecaporés started the game at 200 per hour by literally suffocating visitors all surprised by this breaking wave. Unsure of nothing and continuing to put pressure on a completely submerged opponent defense, the guests of the day could go take the first tea with a comfortable lead of 4 goals.

The return to play after the break was more exhausting. The villagers had found a little of their minds and increased their volume of play. Unfortunately they broke regularly on a Mikko Count very much in his case in front of the net. He repelled the majority of the assaults and kept his team in the game. At the end of the middle third the agaunois still had 4 goals in advance on the scoreboard.

And madness seized the Tuileries at the outset of the 3rd period.

DSC 2060 300x199

Superb final match and what fair play …… peddle in all sports.

The very large public who filled the stands was all in the hands of the Agaunois cause. But was not counting with the mentality of the veegeois encouraged by a handful of very motivated supporters. The latter entered the field having changed goalkeeper and moving two blocks to put some madness in their game. The bet was paid since barely the commitment given, they rushed to attack the goal and agaunois in less time than it takes to write the score went from 8-4 for the Scattered to 8-8. There was a reaction from the St-Mauriards but it was of very short duration since the visitors released their goalie to play with an additional player and they managed a new equalizer at 9-9. Everyone was already thinking of extra time when, 15 seconds into the end of the game, the captain of the city deceived the excellent Mikko Comte and gave the victory to his colors. Too bad for the Pécaporés but the show offered by the two formations was very beautiful and he feasted the very large audience. That she’s a great propaganda for this sport, still too little known.

Captain Mickael Pécaporés Coquoz back on this portion of madness: “We were in front of us a team who play leading roles on large lots of 3rd league. We entered the game well and we applied our game plan well. In front of such a public we did not want to disappoint them. We have given the shock to the end of the 2nd third. There maybe we were a bit too euphoric and we did not make the right decisions. We have seen that the length of the match the experience of our opponent has made the difference. But we have no regrets to have because we gave everything and this silver is a great reward for the whole club. We worked like crazy for a month to offer a very good resistance to a much more experienced team than us. “

At the end of the finals staged by the Pécaporés club of St-Maurice, one of the co-presidents of Loic Cutullic organization only retains the positive of this wonderful adventure: “We had to take this organization a little up-right because they could not find a club to organize the Finals of the Valais Cup. We decided to set up a committee and ensure the smooth running of this organization by really wanting to celebrate the Unihockey. I think this party was beautiful and successful and icing on the cake with three teams in the finals. The level of play presented was also a very good propaganda for this sport. It still remains a bit of frustration not to have, in three finals, to get at least a Cup.

Scraped – Visper Lions 9-10 (6-2 / 2-2 / 1-6)

Goals: Favre 1-0, 1-1, Coquoz 2-1, Coquoz 3-1, Favre 4-1, 4-2, Coquoz 5-2, Cutullic 6-2, Favre 7-2, 7-3, Cutullic 8-3, 8-4, 8-5, 8-6, 8-7, 8-8, 9-8 Favre, 9-9, 9-10.

Scattered: Mikko Count; Loic Cutullic, Christophe César, David Favre, Florian Baillif, Lionel Baillif, Yannick Fasel, Mickael Coquoz, Florian Amiguet, Mattias Comte, Jim Delitroz, Grégoire Sallin, Jimmy De Angelis, Matthieu Frossard, Baptiste Zuber, Stéphane Minder.

Coach: Gian Giobellina


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Unihockey: As usual, the Pécaporés play to be scared

Abstracts of the 4th round Pécaporés II

Sierre-Challenge – St-Maurice 6-5 (3-2)

The Agaunois enter the match with a real desire to go to Sierre, but with a little nervousness in the legs.

So the Sierrois score the first two points during the first minutes. In the second half of the first half, the Pécaporés wake up, correct the defensive errors and score their first goal. Intoxicated by this return, they let their opponents shoot again, and Sierre puts the 3rd spot. A powerplay nevertheless allows St-Maurice to score again just before tea.

Reassembled after the break, the Agaunois scored two goals shot after time (including one, David Saudan that physics does not fully explain how). But leeks do not lead long to the score, since Sierre comes back to stick right behind. The leaders of the ranking are very tense in front of the turn of the match and, for our part, probably excited and deconcentrated by a possible victory, we offer again two goals to the opponent. David Saudan finds the cage again, but this is not the case of the 4 against 3.

Despite this, Sierre trembled and St-Maurice can be proud of his performance. We missed a little concentration and mental on the end (on the part of everyone, including coach), but it will work for the second leg.

Goals: Jonathan Arimondi, Jim Delitroz, Florian Ballif, David Saudan (2x)

Assists: Jonathan Arimondi, Jim Delitroz, Mathieu Frossard

Goalkeeper: Ruben Baiao

UHC Bex – St-Maurice 7-9 (2-6)

The Pecaporated do not begin this second encounter in the same way. The lines have been modified for the purpose of testing and fairness.

However, the Agaunois know each other and easily manage to be on the field, proof with the first points scored by Jimmy De Angelis, Mathieu Frossard and David Saudan.

However, intoxicated by this start, the Pécaporés get away and let Bex score two points. The latter woke them up, and before half-time the Agaunois doubled their score. Despite a reminder about concentration and defense, St-Maurice wants to eat Beller, and to have fun by adding some goals. Strategy that pays at the beginning of the second half where Leeks scored twice. Inebriated by this ease of finding the opponent’s cage, the lines stay longer on the ground, and often leave the board instead of changing. Bex took the opportunity and scored the 8 to 3 and 8 to 4. Jonathan Arimondi puts the 9th on a pass from Jim Délitroz but nobody will sign the 10th. The concentration fades and Béllerins put three goals, taking advantage of St-Maurice who is no longer in place in defense and let them shoot too much. Ultimate rebound, at the end of the game the goalkeeper Ruben Baiao feels bad: the blow he took in the head makes him suffer. It is envisaged to leave it and finish at 4. But it was preferred to leave it in his goal, to protect this cage, even if it was in less good shape, and give everything to avoid him having to dive while he was at worst. Bex comes to 4, but the defense finds its marks and no goal is signed.


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